Interface representing a bookmark item.
[scriptable, uuid(808585b6-7568-4b26-8c62-545221bf2b8c)]
interface fuelIBookmark : nsISupports


 The annotations object for the bookmark.
readonly attribute fuelIAnnotations annotations
 The description of the bookmark.
attribute AString description
 The events object for the bookmark.
 supports: "remove", "change", "visit", "move"
readonly attribute extIEvents events
 The id of the bookmark.
readonly attribute long long id
 The keyword associated with the bookmark.
attribute AString keyword
 The parent folder of the bookmark.
attribute fuelIBookmarkFolder parent
 The title of the bookmark.
attribute AString title
 The type of the bookmark.
 values: "bookmark", "separator"
readonly attribute AString type
 The uri of the bookmark.
attribute nsIURI uri


 Removes the item from the parent folder. Used to
 delete a bookmark or separator
void remove()