[scriptable, uuid(9f42fe20-52de-4a55-8632-a459c7716aa0)]
interface fuelIBookmarkFolder : nsISupports


 The annotations object for the folder.
readonly attribute fuelIAnnotations annotations
 Array of all bookmarks, separators and folders contained
 in this folder.
readonly attribute nsIVariant children
 The description of the folder.
attribute AString description
 The events object for the folder.
 supports: "add", "addchild", "remove", "removechild", "change", "move"
readonly attribute extIEvents events
 Interface representing a bookmark folder. Folders
 can hold bookmarks, separators and other folders.

 The id of the folder.
readonly attribute long long id
 The parent folder of the folder.
attribute fuelIBookmarkFolder parent
 The title of the folder.
attribute AString title
 The type of the folder.
 values: "folder"
readonly attribute AString type


 Adds a new child bookmark to this folder.
 @param   aTitle
          The title of bookmark.
 @param   aURI
          The uri of bookmark.
fuelIBookmark addBookmark(in AString aTitle, in nsIURI aURI)
 Adds a new child folder to this folder.
 @param   aTitle
          The title of folder.
fuelIBookmarkFolder addFolder(in AString aTitle)
 Adds a new child separator to this folder.
fuelIBookmark addSeparator()
 Removes the folder from the parent folder.
void remove()