[scriptable, uuid(3073ceff-777c-41ce-9ace-ab37268147c1)]
interface fuelIBrowserTab : nsISupports


 The content document of the browser tab.
readonly attribute nsIDOMHTMLDocument document
 The events object for the browser tab.
 supports: "load"
readonly attribute extIEvents events
 The current index of this tab in the browser window.
readonly attribute PRInt32 index
 Interface representing a browser tab.

 The current uri of this tab.
readonly attribute nsIURI uri
 The browser window that is holding the tab.
readonly attribute fuelIWindow window


 Close the browser tab. This may not actually close the tab
 as script may abort the close operation.
void close()
 Give focus to this browser tab, and bring it to the front.
void focus()
 Load a new URI into this browser tab.
 @param   aURI
          The uri to load into the browser tab
void load(in nsIURI aURI)
 Moves this browser tab before another browser tab within the window.
 @param   aBefore
          The tab before which the target tab will be moved
void moveBefore(in fuelIBrowserTab aBefore)
 Move this browser tab to the last tab within the window.
void moveToEnd()