[scriptable, uuid(249fb5ad-ae29-4e2c-a728-ba5cf464d188)]
interface nsIChromeRegistry : nsISupports


const PRInt32 NONE = 0

const PRInt32 PARTIAL = 1

const PRInt32 FULL = 2


 refresh the chrome list at runtime, looking for new packages/etc
void checkForNewChrome()
 Resolve a chrome URL to an loadable URI using the information in the
 registry. Does not modify aChromeURL.

 Chrome URLs are allowed to be specified in "shorthand", leaving the
 "file" portion off. In that case, the URL is expanded to:


 where "ext" is:

   "xul" for a "content" package,
   "css" for a "skin" package, and
   "dtd" for a "locale" package.

 @param aChromeURL the URL that is to be converted.
nsIURI convertChromeURL(in nsIURI aChromeURL)
 returns whether XPCNativeWrappers are enabled for aURI.
[notxpcom] boolean wrappersEnabled(in nsIURI aURI)