[scriptable, uuid(bcca052e-46f4-4b8e-8859-a86776c2f1d7)]
interface nsIDOM3Text : nsISupports


 Indicates whether this text node contains element content whitespace.
 A text node is element content whitespace if it contains only XML
 white space characters and is a child of an element whose content
 model allows only child elements optionally separated by white space.
readonly attribute boolean isElementContentWhitespace
 The concatenation of all logically adjacent text nodes with this text
 node, where "logically adjacent" consists of all text nodes which can be
 reached by traversing the document tree in either direction without
 passing an element, comment, or processing-instruction boundary.  
readonly attribute DOMString wholeText


 If content is empty, removes all logically adjacent text nodes (including
 this node) from the DOM tree, returning null; otherwise, replaces the
 contents of this node with aContent and removes all other logically
 adjacent text nodes from the DOM tree, returning this node.
nsIDOMText replaceWholeText(in DOMString content)