[scriptable, uuid(a6cf90be-15b3-11d2-932e-00805f8add32)]
interface nsIDOMCSSStyleDeclaration : nsISupports


 The nsIDOMCSSStyleDeclaration interface is a datatype for a CSS
 style declaration in the Document Object Model.

 For more information on this interface please see

 @status FROZEN
attribute DOMString cssText

readonly attribute unsigned long length

readonly attribute nsIDOMCSSRule parentRule


nsIDOMCSSValue getPropertyCSSValue(in DOMString propertyName)

DOMString getPropertyPriority(in DOMString propertyName)

DOMString getPropertyValue(in DOMString propertyName)

DOMString item(in unsigned long index)

DOMString removeProperty(in DOMString propertyName)

void setProperty(in DOMString propertyName, in DOMString value, in DOMString priority)