[scriptable, uuid(a6cf9075-15b3-11d2-932e-00805f8add32)]
interface nsIDOMDocument : nsIDOMNode


 The nsIDOMDocument interface represents the entire HTML or XML document.
 Conceptually, it is the root of the document tree, and provides the 
 primary access to the document's data.
 Since elements, text nodes, comments, processing instructions, etc. 
 cannot exist outside the context of a Document, the nsIDOMDocument 
 interface also contains the factory methods needed to create these 

 For more information on this interface please see 

 @status FROZEN
readonly attribute nsIDOMDocumentType doctype

readonly attribute nsIDOMElement documentElement

readonly attribute nsIDOMDOMImplementation implementation


nsIDOMAttr createAttribute(in DOMString name)

nsIDOMAttr createAttributeNS(in DOMString namespaceURI, in DOMString qualifiedName)

nsIDOMCDATASection createCDATASection(in DOMString data)

nsIDOMComment createComment(in DOMString data)

nsIDOMDocumentFragment createDocumentFragment()

nsIDOMElement createElement(in DOMString tagName)

nsIDOMElement createElementNS(in DOMString namespaceURI, in DOMString qualifiedName)

nsIDOMEntityReference createEntityReference(in DOMString name)

nsIDOMProcessingInstruction createProcessingInstruction(in DOMString target, in DOMString data)

nsIDOMText createTextNode(in DOMString data)

nsIDOMElement getElementById(in DOMString elementId)

nsIDOMNodeList getElementsByTagName(in DOMString tagname)

nsIDOMNodeList getElementsByTagNameNS(in DOMString namespaceURI, in DOMString localName)

nsIDOMNode importNode(in nsIDOMNode importedNode, in boolean deep)