The nsIDOMHTMLMediaElement interface is an interface to be implemented by the HTML
 <audio> and <video> elements.

 For more information on this interface, please see

[scriptable, uuid(23fb201a-556d-4054-9885-6437e8910296)]
interface nsIDOMHTMLMediaElement : nsIDOMHTMLElement


const unsigned short NETWORK_EMPTY = 0

const unsigned short NETWORK_IDLE = 1

const unsigned short NETWORK_LOADING = 2

const unsigned short NETWORK_LOADED = 3

const unsigned short NETWORK_NO_SOURCE = 4

const unsigned short HAVE_NOTHING = 0

const unsigned short HAVE_METADATA = 1

const unsigned short HAVE_CURRENT_DATA = 2

const unsigned short HAVE_FUTURE_DATA = 3

const unsigned short HAVE_ENOUGH_DATA = 4


attribute boolean autobuffer

attribute boolean autoplay

attribute boolean controls

readonly attribute DOMString currentSrc

attribute float currentTime

readonly attribute float duration

readonly attribute boolean ended

readonly attribute nsIDOMHTMLMediaError error

readonly attribute boolean mozAutoplayEnabled

attribute boolean muted

readonly attribute unsigned short networkState

readonly attribute boolean paused

readonly attribute unsigned short readyState

readonly attribute boolean seeking

attribute DOMString src

attribute float volume


DOMString canPlayType(in DOMString type)

void load()

void pause()

void play()