The nsIDOMNSEventTarget interface is an extension to the standard
 nsIDOMEventTarget interface, implemented by all event targets in
 the Document Object Model.
[scriptable, uuid(37ca0054-c715-42df-83c7-35c69e24a632)]
interface nsIDOMNSEventTarget : nsISupports


 The default script type (language) for events firing on this target.
 Must be one of the nsIProgrammingLanguage enums, but must not be
 nsIProgrammingLanguage::UNKNOWN.  Most implementations will provide
 a default type of nsIProgrammingLanguage::JAVASCRIPT.

 All targets must support fetching the script language, but not all
 script targets must support changing it - ie, some targets may only
 support event handlers written in their default language.
attribute PRUint32 scriptTypeID


 This method is the same as the addEventListener() method defined
 in nsIDOMEventTarget, but it takes one additional argument which
 lets callers control whether or not they want to receive
 untrusted events (synthetic events generated by untrusted code)

 @param   type See the type argument to the same method in
 @param   listener See the listener argument to the same method in
 @param   useCapture See the listener argument to the same method in
 @param   wantsUntrusted If false, the listener will not receive any
                         untrusted events (see above), if true, the
                         listener will receive events whether or not
                         they're trusted
void addEventListener(in DOMString type, in nsIDOMEventListener listener, in boolean useCapture, in boolean wantsUntrusted)