[scriptable, uuid(a6cf907c-15b3-11d2-932e-00805f8add32)]
interface nsIDOMNode : nsISupports


 The nsIDOMNode interface is the primary datatype for the entire 
 Document Object Model.
 It represents a single node in the document tree.

 For more information on this interface please see 

 @status FROZEN
const unsigned short ELEMENT_NODE = 1

const unsigned short ATTRIBUTE_NODE = 2

const unsigned short TEXT_NODE = 3

const unsigned short CDATA_SECTION_NODE = 4

const unsigned short ENTITY_REFERENCE_NODE = 5

const unsigned short ENTITY_NODE = 6

const unsigned short PROCESSING_INSTRUCTION_NODE = 7

const unsigned short COMMENT_NODE = 8

const unsigned short DOCUMENT_NODE = 9

const unsigned short DOCUMENT_TYPE_NODE = 10

const unsigned short DOCUMENT_FRAGMENT_NODE = 11

const unsigned short NOTATION_NODE = 12


readonly attribute nsIDOMNamedNodeMap attributes

readonly attribute nsIDOMNodeList childNodes

readonly attribute nsIDOMNode firstChild

readonly attribute nsIDOMNode lastChild

readonly attribute DOMString localName

readonly attribute DOMString namespaceURI

readonly attribute nsIDOMNode nextSibling

readonly attribute DOMString nodeName

readonly attribute unsigned short nodeType

attribute DOMString nodeValue

readonly attribute nsIDOMDocument ownerDocument

readonly attribute nsIDOMNode parentNode

attribute DOMString prefix

readonly attribute nsIDOMNode previousSibling


nsIDOMNode appendChild(in nsIDOMNode newChild)

nsIDOMNode cloneNode(in boolean deep)

boolean hasAttributes()

boolean hasChildNodes()

nsIDOMNode insertBefore(in nsIDOMNode newChild, in nsIDOMNode refChild)

boolean isSupported(in DOMString feature, in DOMString version)

void normalize()

nsIDOMNode removeChild(in nsIDOMNode oldChild)

nsIDOMNode replaceChild(in nsIDOMNode newChild, in nsIDOMNode oldChild)