[scriptable, uuid(f394a721-66e9-46fc-bb24-b980bb732dd0)]
interface nsIDOMOfflineResourceList : nsISupports


 State of the application cache this object is associated with.
const unsigned short UNCACHED = 0

const unsigned short IDLE = 1

const unsigned short CHECKING = 2

const unsigned short DOWNLOADING = 3

const unsigned short UPDATEREADY = 4

const unsigned short OBSOLETE = 5


 Get the list of dynamically-managed entries.
readonly attribute nsIDOMDOMStringList mozItems
 Get the number of dynamically-managed entries.
         Clients should use the "items" attribute.
readonly attribute unsigned long mozLength

attribute nsIDOMEventListener oncached

attribute nsIDOMEventListener onchecking

attribute nsIDOMEventListener ondownloading

attribute nsIDOMEventListener onerror

attribute nsIDOMEventListener onnoupdate

attribute nsIDOMEventListener onobsolete

attribute nsIDOMEventListener onprogress

attribute nsIDOMEventListener onupdateready

readonly attribute unsigned short status


 Add an item to the list of dynamically-managed entries.  The resource
 will be fetched into the application cache.

 @param uri
        The resource to add.
void mozAdd(in DOMString uri)
 Check that an entry exists in the list of dynamically-managed entries.

 @param uri
        The resource to check.
boolean mozHasItem(in DOMString uri)
 Get the URI of a dynamically-managed entry.
         Clients should use the "items" attribute.
DOMString mozItem(in unsigned long index)
 Remove an item from the list of dynamically-managed entries.  If this
 was the last reference to a URI in the application cache, the cache
 entry will be removed.

 @param uri
        The resource to remove.
void mozRemove(in DOMString uri)
 Swap in the newest version of the application cache, or disassociate
 from the cache if the cache group is obsolete.
void swapCache()
 Begin the application update process on the associated application cache.
void update()