[scriptable, uuid(a6cf90ce-15b3-11d2-932e-00805f8add32)]
interface nsIDOMRange : nsISupports


const unsigned short START_TO_START = 0

const unsigned short START_TO_END = 1

const unsigned short END_TO_END = 2

const unsigned short END_TO_START = 3


readonly attribute boolean collapsed

readonly attribute nsIDOMNode commonAncestorContainer

readonly attribute nsIDOMNode endContainer

readonly attribute long endOffset
 The nsIDOMRange interface is an interface to a DOM range object.

 For more information on this interface please see

 @status FROZEN
readonly attribute nsIDOMNode startContainer

readonly attribute long startOffset


nsIDOMDocumentFragment cloneContents()

nsIDOMRange cloneRange()

void collapse(in boolean toStart)

short compareBoundaryPoints(in unsigned short how, in nsIDOMRange sourceRange)

void deleteContents()

void detach()

nsIDOMDocumentFragment extractContents()

void insertNode(in nsIDOMNode newNode)

void selectNode(in nsIDOMNode refNode)

void selectNodeContents(in nsIDOMNode refNode)

void setEnd(in nsIDOMNode refNode, in long offset)

void setEndAfter(in nsIDOMNode refNode)

void setEndBefore(in nsIDOMNode refNode)

void setStart(in nsIDOMNode refNode, in long offset)

void setStartAfter(in nsIDOMNode refNode)

void setStartBefore(in nsIDOMNode refNode)

void surroundContents(in nsIDOMNode newParent)

DOMString toString()