The nsIDOMSVGAngle interface is the interface to an SVG angle.

 For more information on this interface please see

[scriptable, uuid(58b6190e-37b3-412a-ba02-1d5ad6c6ea7c)]
interface nsIDOMSVGAngle : nsISupports


const unsigned short SVG_ANGLETYPE_UNKNOWN = 0

const unsigned short SVG_ANGLETYPE_UNSPECIFIED = 1

const unsigned short SVG_ANGLETYPE_DEG = 2

const unsigned short SVG_ANGLETYPE_RAD = 3

const unsigned short SVG_ANGLETYPE_GRAD = 4


readonly attribute unsigned short unitType

attribute float value

attribute DOMString valueAsString

attribute float valueInSpecifiedUnits


void convertToSpecifiedUnits(in unsigned short unitType)

void newValueSpecifiedUnits(in unsigned short unitType, in float valueInSpecifiedUnits)