[scriptable, uuid(84991d1b-b010-4127-9e71-82017559abff)]
interface nsIDocNavStartProgressListener : nsISupports


 Callback object to be used when enabled=true.
 NULL when there is no callback.
attribute nsIDocNavStartProgressCallback callback
 Number of ms to wait after receiving a doc load event and calling the
 callback.  Even when set to zero, we set a timer so the call will fire
 asynchronously.  Defaults to 0.
attribute PRUint32 delay
 Set to true to enable this component. Defaults to false (disabled). When
 you set this to true, the listener will be attached to the docloader and
 the callback can start getting events.
attribute boolean enabled


 We ignore about:, chrome: and file: URIs.
boolean isSpurious(in nsIURI aURI)