[scriptable, uuid(92a0a637-373e-4647-9476-ead11e005c75)]
interface nsIDocShellLoadInfo : nsISupports


const long loadNormal = 0

const long loadNormalReplace = 1

const long loadHistory = 2

const long loadReloadNormal = 3

const long loadReloadBypassCache = 4

const long loadReloadBypassProxy = 5

const long loadReloadBypassProxyAndCache = 6

const long loadLink = 7

const long loadRefresh = 8

const long loadReloadCharsetChange = 9

const long loadBypassHistory = 10

const long loadStopContent = 11

const long loadStopContentAndReplace = 12

const long loadNormalExternal = 13

const long loadNormalBypassCache = 14

const long loadNormalBypassProxy = 15

const long loadNormalBypassProxyAndCache = 16


 SHEntry for this page */
attribute nsISHEntry SHEntry
 Additional headers */
attribute nsIInputStream headersStream
 If this attribute is true and no owner is specified, copy
  the owner from the referring document.
attribute boolean inheritOwner
 Contains a load type as specified by the load* constants */
attribute nsDocShellInfoLoadType loadType
 The owner of the load, that is, the entity responsible for 
  causing the load to occur. This should be a nsIPrincipal typically.
attribute nsISupports owner
 If this attribute is true only ever use the owner specify by
  the owner and inheritOwner attributes.
  If there are security reasons for why this is unsafe, such
  as trying to use a systemprincipal owner for a content docshell
  the load fails.
attribute boolean ownerIsExplicit
 Post data */
attribute nsIInputStream postDataStream
 This is the referrer for the load. */
attribute nsIURI referrer
 True if the referrer should be sent, false if it shouldn't be
  sent, even if it's available. This attribute defaults to true.
attribute boolean sendReferrer
 Target for load, like _content, _blank etc. */
attribute wstring target