[scriptable, uuid(09b54ec1-d98a-49a9-bc95-3219e8b55089)]
interface nsIDocShellTreeItem : nsIDocShellTreeNode


const long typeChrome = 0

const long typeContent = 1

const long typeContentWrapper = 2

const long typeChromeWrapper = 3

const long typeAll = 2147483647


attribute long itemType
 The nsIDocShellTreeItem supplies the methods that are required of any item
 that wishes to be able to live within the docshell tree either as a middle
 node or a leaf. 
attribute wstring name

readonly attribute nsIDocShellTreeItem parent

readonly attribute nsIDocShellTreeItem rootTreeItem

readonly attribute nsIDocShellTreeItem sameTypeParent

readonly attribute nsIDocShellTreeItem sameTypeRootTreeItem

readonly attribute nsIDocShellTreeOwner treeOwner


nsIDocShellTreeItem findItemWithName(in wstring name, in nsISupports aRequestor, in nsIDocShellTreeItem aOriginalRequestor)
 Compares the provided name against the item's name and
 returns the appropriate result.

 @return <CODE>PR_TRUE</CODE> if names match;
         <CODE>PR_FALSE</CODE> otherwise.
boolean nameEquals(in wstring name)

[noscript] void setTreeOwner(in nsIDocShellTreeOwner treeOwner)