[scriptable, uuid(3c556e41-0f73-4e1d-b724-1474884fe2e3)]
interface nsIDocumentEncoderNodeFixup : nsISupports


 Create a fixed up version of a node. This method is called before
 each node in a document is about to be persisted. The implementor
 may return a new node with fixed up attributes or null. If null is
 returned the node should be used as-is.
 @param aNode Node to fixup.
 @param [OUT] aSerializeCloneKids True if the document encoder should
 apply recursive serialization to the children of the fixed up node
 instead of the children of the original node.
 @return The resulting fixed up node.
nsIDOMNode fixupNode(in nsIDOMNode aNode, out boolean aSerializeCloneKids)