nsIEditorDocShell provides a way to get an editor from
 a specific frame in a docShell hierarchy. It is intended
 to be only used internally. Use nsIEditingShell.getEditorForFrame
 from out side.
[scriptable, uuid(3bdb8f01-f141-11d4-a73c-fba4aba8a3fc)]
interface nsIEditorDocShell : nsISupports


readonly attribute boolean editable

attribute nsIEditor editor

readonly attribute boolean hasEditingSession


 Make this docShell editable, setting a flag that causes
 an editor to get created, either immediately, or after
 a url has been loaded.
      @param  inWaitForUriLoad    true to wait for a URI before
                                  creating the editor.
void makeEditable(in boolean inWaitForUriLoad)