[scriptable, uuid(d675c531-6bdc-417c-b176-635060105f07)]
interface nsIFrameLoader : nsISupports


 Find out whether the loader's frame is at too great a depth in
 the frame tree.  This can be used to decide what operations may
 or may not be allowed on the loader's docshell.
readonly attribute boolean depthTooGreat
 Get the docshell from the frame loader.
readonly attribute nsIDocShell docShell


 Destroy the frame loader and everything inside it. This will
 clear the weak owner content reference.
void destroy()
 Start loading the frame. This method figures out what to load
 from the owner content in the frame loader.
void loadFrame()
 Loads the specified URI in this frame. Behaves identically to loadFrame,
 except that this method allows specifying the URI to load.
void loadURI(in nsIURI aURI)