[scriptable, uuid(641c2d90-4ada-4367-bdb1-80831614161d)]
interface nsIFrameLoaderOwner : nsISupports


 The frame loader owned by this nsIFrameLoaderOwner
readonly attribute nsIFrameLoader frameLoader


 Swap frame loaders with the given nsIFrameLoaderOwner.  This may
 only be posible in a very limited range of circumstances, or
 never, depending on the object implementing this interface.

 @throws NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED if the swapping logic is not
   implemented for the two given frame loader owners.
 @throws NS_ERROR_DOM_SECURITY_ERR if the swap is not allowed on
   security grounds.
void swapFrameLoaders(in nsIFrameLoaderOwner aOtherOwner)