[scriptable, uuid(40b2282a-a882-4483-a634-dec468d88377)]
interface nsIMarkupDocumentViewer : nsISupports


 Disable entire author style level (including HTML presentation hints) */
attribute boolean authorStyleDisabled
 bidiCharacterSet: whether to force the user's character set
                   1 - use the document character set
                   2 - use the character set chosen by the user
attribute octet bidiCharacterSet
 bidiControlsTextMode: the order of bidirectional text in form controls.
                       1 - logical
                       2 - visual
                       3 - like the containing document
attribute octet bidiControlsTextMode
 bidiNumeral: the type of numerals to display. 
              1 - depending on context, default is Arabic numerals
              2 - depending on context, default is Hindi numerals
              3 - Arabic numerals
              4 - Hindi numerals
attribute octet bidiNumeral
 Use this attribute to access all the Bidi options in one operation
attribute PRUint32 bidiOptions
 bidiSupport: whether to use platform bidi support or Mozilla's bidi support
              1 - Use Mozilla's bidi support
              2 - Use the platform bidi support
              3 - Disable bidi support
attribute octet bidiSupport
 Options for Bidi presentation.

 Use these attributes to access the individual Bidi options.

 bidiTextDirection: the default direction for the layout of bidirectional text.
                    1 - left to right
                    2 - right to left
attribute octet bidiTextDirection
 bidiTextType: the ordering of bidirectional text. This may be either "logical"
 or "visual". Logical text will be reordered for presentation using the Unicode
 Bidi Algorithm. Visual text will be displayed without reordering. 
               1 - the default order for the charset
               2 - logical order
               3 - visual order
attribute octet bidiTextType

attribute ACString defaultCharacterSet

attribute ACString forceCharacterSet
 The amount by which to scale all lengths. Default is 1.0. */
attribute float fullZoom

attribute ACString hintCharacterSet

attribute PRInt32 hintCharacterSetSource

attribute ACString prevDocCharacterSet
 The amount by which to scale all text. Default is 1.0. */
attribute float textZoom


void scrollToNode(in nsIDOMNode node)
 Tell the container to shrink-to-fit or grow-to-fit its contents
void sizeToContent()