[scriptable, uuid(6867dc21-077f-4462-937d-cd8b7c680e0c)]
interface nsIMicrosummary : nsISupports


readonly attribute AString content

attribute nsIMicrosummaryGenerator generator

readonly attribute boolean needsRemoval

readonly attribute nsIURI pageURI

readonly attribute long updateInterval


 Add a microsummary observer to this microsummary.

 @param observer
        the microsummary observer to add

void addObserver(in nsIMicrosummaryObserver observer)
 Microsummary equivalence test
 Microsummaries equal if they summarize the same page with the same
 microsummary-generator (see also nsIMicrosummaryGenerator::equals).

 Note: this method returns false if either objects don't have a generator
boolean equals(in nsIMicrosummary aOther)
 Remove a microsummary observer from this microsummary.

 @param observer
        the microsummary observer to remove

void removeObserver(in nsIMicrosummaryObserver observer)
 Update the microsummary, first loading its generator and page content
 as necessary.  If you want know when a microsummary finishes updating,
 add an observer before calling this method.

void update()