interface nsIScriptEventHandler : nsISupports



 Executes this script handler.

 @param aTargetObject  Object to which the script handler is bound.

 @param aArgs          Array of arguments passed to the script handler.
                       This is an array of jsvals.

 @param aArgCount      Number of elements in the aArgs array.

void Invoke(in nsISupports aTargetObject, in voidPtr aArgs, in unsigned long aArgCount)

 Determines if this script event handler is bound to the given
 object and event name.

 @param aObjectName  Name of the object raising the event.

 @param aEventName   Name of the event being raised.

 @param aArgCount    Number of arguments expected by the event handler.

boolean IsSameEvent(in AString aObjectName, in AString aEventName, in unsigned long aArgCount)