[scriptable, uuid(8727651c-9530-45a0-b81e-0e0690c30c50)]
interface nsIToolkitChromeRegistry : nsIXULChromeRegistry


 If the OS has a "high-visibility" or "disabled-friendly" theme set,
 we want to force mozilla into the classic theme, which (for the most part
 obeys the system color/font settings. We cannot do this at initialization,
 because it depends on the toolkit (GTK2) being initialized, which is
 not the case in some embedding situations. Embedders have to manually
 call this method during the startup process.
void checkForOSAccessibility()
 Get a list of locales available for the specified package.
nsIUTF8StringEnumerator getLocalesForPackage(in AUTF8String aPackage)