A channel to  manage all cache-related interactions for layout
 when it is dealing with dynamic pages created through 
 document.write(). This interface provides methods that will
 help layout save dynamic pages in cache for future retrievals.
[scriptable, uuid(89b0674a-9e2f-4124-9b59-481444be841d)]
interface nsIWyciwygChannel : nsIChannel


 Close the cache entry; subsequent writes have undefined behavior.
void closeCacheEntry(in nsresult reason)
 The return value is the charset.  Throws if either the charset or the
 source cannot be retrieved.  This is guaranteed to return a nonzero source
 and a nonempty charset if it does not throw.
ACString getCharsetAndSource(out long aSource)
 Store and read a charset and charset source on the wyciwyg channel.  These
 are opaque values to the channel; consumers who set them should know what
 they mean.
void setCharsetAndSource(in long aSource, in ACString aCharset)
 Set the wyciwyg channels security info
void setSecurityInfo(in nsISupports aSecurityInfo)
 Append data to the cache entry; opens the cache entry if necessary.
void writeToCacheEntry(in AString aData)