[scriptable, uuid(0ad87068-c6fd-4122-a515-ffe8c4773b10)]
interface nsIXTFElementWrapper : nsISupports


readonly attribute nsIDOMElement documentFrameElement

readonly attribute nsIDOMElement elementNode
 Events can be unmasked by setting the corresponding bit as given
 by the NOTIFY_* constants in nsIXTFElement:
attribute unsigned long notificationMask


 This sets the name of the class attribute.
 Should be called only during ::onCreated.
 Note! nsIXTFAttributeHandler can't be used to handle class attribute.
void setClassAttributeName(in nsIAtom name)
 Sets the intrinsic state for the element.
 @see nsIContent::IntrinsicState().
void setIntrinsicState(in long newState)