[scriptable, uuid(06b31b15-ebf5-4e74-a0e2-6bc0a18a3969)]
interface nsIXULTreeBuilder : nsISupports


 Add a Tree Builder Observer to handle Tree View 
 methods that the base builder does not implement. 
void addObserver(in nsIXULTreeBuilderObserver aObserver)
 Retrieve the index associated with specified RDF resource.
long getIndexOfResource(in nsIRDFResource resource)
 Retrieve the RDF resource associated with the specified row.
nsIRDFResource getResourceAtIndex(in long aRowIndex)
 Remove an Tree Builder Observer.
void removeObserver(in nsIXULTreeBuilderObserver aObserver)
 Sort the contents of the tree using the specified column.
void sort(in nsIDOMElement aColumnElement)