Using development builds is inherently risky. They contain known bugs ranging from minor typos all the way up to crashers that may stop your application working and wipe your profile.

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Development builds are made available for those that don't mind dealing with bugs and want to try out the latest features and fixes.

Install (v1.0.1 rev45)

Recent Checkins

26/07/2008 cf7252a85b4e Added tag release-1.0.1 for changeset a06b86d5ca63
26/07/2008 a06b86d5ca63 Prepare for release
26/07/2008 8680e3b88bc2 Fix Firefox 3 bustage
26/07/2008 badb0f97307b Bump version
26/07/2008 b7d89e14adf2 Fix whitespace and remove old CVS keywords
28/04/2008 9fc7706cac78 update tags
14/03/2008 a12c99419d45 Update to python build system
17/02/2008 8300dd7206e0 Bump versions for release
19/08/2007 442b940b6d54 Turn on secure updates.
07/07/2007 9edb0bdd866c Update for new repository


All of my extensions are open source and you may use the source code under either the MPL (1.1 or later), GPL (2.0 or later) or LGPL (2.1 or later) licenses. If you wish to get the source code you must use mercurial. The repository is You may also browse the source code.