Using development builds is inherently risky. They contain known bugs ranging from minor typos all the way up to crashers that may stop your application working and wipe your profile.

Tab Sidebar Development Builds

Development builds are made available for those that don't mind dealing with bugs and want to try out the latest features and fixes.

Install (v2.6a1pre rev416)

Recent Checkins

18/09/2009 e164af9dc1a5 Use a narrow splitter on OSX
27/08/2009 34b7c959538c Remove missing locale references
18/06/2009 c85758ed51e7 Add throbber when there are no titles displayed
18/06/2009 aa627b667d98 Support hiding page titles
18/06/2009 8fb2a0a1160f Fix tabpreviews classes
18/06/2009 1ad3476bb9c7 Add control over the aspect ratio of the previews
18/06/2009 ac277d3ef568 Clean up styles and preferences
17/06/2009 f6e615214725 Add control over which area of the viewport to display in the preview
17/06/2009 e91791f7f53c Bump version for development
03/06/2009 6f027a8e1a37 Redisplay the tab bar when switching to a different sidebar


All of my extensions are open source and you may use the source code under either the MPL (1.1 or later), GPL (2.0 or later) or LGPL (2.1 or later) licenses. If you wish to get the source code you must use mercurial. The repository is You may also browse the source code.