Using development builds is inherently risky. They contain known bugs ranging from minor typos all the way up to crashers that may stop your application working and wipe your profile.

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Development builds are made available for those that don't mind dealing with bugs and want to try out the latest features and fixes.

Install (v1.2.6 rev1299)

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28/04/2008 8e0d0fc68698 update tags
14/03/2008 6af28dc2948a Update to python build system
16/02/2008 c03976013676 Bump versions
16/02/2008 6331574129ee Update to latest ExtensionBuild
19/08/2007 c93209e33528 Up maxversion
19/08/2007 2d44e4b4ed30 Use secure updates.

Fix homepage url
07/07/2007 335b309e341e Update external references for new repository
08/10/2006 da32e697592c Fix update rdf.
22/03/2006 5d40681e6e84 (none)
22/03/2006 8465e6574619 Upped maxversion.


All of my extensions are open source and you may use the source code under either the MPL (1.1 or later), GPL (2.0 or later) or LGPL (2.1 or later) licenses. If you wish to get the source code you must use mercurial. The repository is You may also browse the source code.