Using development builds is inherently risky. They contain known bugs ranging from minor typos all the way up to crashers that may stop your application working and wipe your profile.

Nightly Tester Tools Development Builds

Development builds are made available for those that don't mind dealing with bugs and want to try out the latest features and fixes.

Install (v2.0.4pre rev379)

Recent Checkins

14/12/2009 2c468e058583 Fixes for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird
19/11/2009 a827ef1d27ae Added tag release-2.0.3 for changeset 4f13cc6c0a47
19/11/2009 4f13cc6c0a47 Bump versions for release
19/11/2009 593b7a4343c6 Support the new compatibility checking preferences.
05/05/2008 9a147b83afd3 Added tag release-2.0.2 for changeset aedec19990b5
05/05/2008 aedec19990b5 Bump version for release
05/05/2008 02b3fca9a84c Port profile detection to branch
05/05/2008 76f3ce5d1acd Add ignores
05/05/2008 d348505bced9 Fix icon
05/05/2008 13cca1b94e94 Fix profile name detection


All of my extensions are open source and you may use the source code under either the MPL (1.1 or later), GPL (2.0 or later) or LGPL (2.1 or later) licenses. If you wish to get the source code you must use mercurial. The repository is You may also browse the source code.