Using development builds is inherently risky. They contain known bugs ranging from minor typos all the way up to crashers that may stop your application working and wipe your profile.

Update Channel Selector Development Builds

Development builds are made available for those that don't mind dealing with bugs and want to try out the latest features and fixes.

Install (v1.5 rev34)

Recent Checkins

28/06/2009 ec81d8c342da Update Thunderbird minVersion
28/06/2009 8733f5094655 Added tag release-1.5 for changeset efcd016be524
28/06/2009 efcd016be524 Fix Seamonkey versions
02/06/2009 f8ee62144230 Added tag release-1.5 for changeset 6db2515fba1b
02/06/2009 6db2515fba1b Bump for release
02/06/2009 2876e0ff3dc8 Bump versions and fix some text
02/06/2009 d0a0aa989218 Always pause downloads when changing channel
02/06/2009 e4ac483fa9cc Add missing files
02/06/2009 a0f057a4a4a6 Use XBL binding for channel list
21/08/2008 89e22035c1f6 Add pref observer and use instant select in seamonkey


All of my extensions are open source and you may use the source code under either the MPL (1.1 or later), GPL (2.0 or later) or LGPL (2.1 or later) licenses. If you wish to get the source code you must use mercurial. The repository is You may also browse the source code.