Add-on Authors? Do you host your own?

We’re looking at the situation of automatic updates for add-ons and whether or not tightening up the security of such updates is a good idea or not (this is one good reason why it could be). After some initial talking I would like to get a little feedback from the add-on authors out there who host their add-ons on their own websites and not on Are you such a person? If so then please take a few moments to check out the thread in the forums or on the newsgroup and take a few moments to answer my questions.

Of course nothing is a foregone conclusion at this point and you might have noticed that I host my own extensions, not on so I totally have the self-hoster’s needs at heart 🙂

One thought on “Add-on Authors? Do you host your own?”

  1. Hey! I fall under that category…

    The reason why some of my add-ons are self hosted is because they are site specific, and I don’t feel that they would be pushed to public ever. Because they wouldn’t be public, there is absolutely no reason to have it hosted there, other than ssl – but there still aren’t automatic updates for sandboxed add-ons.

    Before the upgrade it was because reviews took way to long.

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