ZipWriter is Here!

Yes, finally after months of twiddling my thumbs waiting for approval to land the zipwriter component has gone into trunk, and is enabled for all applications (some apps might need to add the interface to their packages list). If you want to use check out the interface, it’s fairly well documented I think. That magic contract ID you need is “;1”.

It’s been quite a long process both writing the code, getting reviewed and getting agreement for it to appear in Firefox so I hope all you extension authors and application developers are going to make good use out of it in your projects. Let me know what you come up with.

8 thoughts on “ZipWriter is Here!”

  1. How about an extension that takes all of your installed extensions and makes a multiple item package out of them. That way it would be easy to move extensions from one computer to another 🙂

  2. When is zipwriter expected to a part of firefox? I am using on mac and pc. I am getting:

    Error: Components.classes[‘;1’] has no properties

    So I am really anxious to know after which release will the developers can start using the object?

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