Less technical

I’m going to be starting to post some more personal posts to my blog. Chances are these are not going to be very interesting to the average reader of planet so I’ve also tinkered with the categories so they won’t get syndicated there.

This means a couple of things. Firstly if you are actually interested in the posts then you’ll have to subscribe to the personal category on my blog. Secondly (and I’m guessing this affects no-one) the urls of the categories on my blog have changed a little so if you had direct feeds to them you’ll have to update.

One thought on “Less technical”

  1. Well, I’m getting your posts ‘tru’ Planet Mozilla… so I guess I’m not affected, since it links only the technical categorie?

    At least don’t turn yourself into a Michael Meeks. Jesus freaking Buddah, that guy is listed in _almost every freaking Planet_ and he uses his blog as his diary. “got up, had a bowl of cereals, drove kids to schools, coded this, had lunch and it was delicious but in veritas it needed more salt, called my mother-in-law, coded that, got kids from school, opened my email and had lots of spam, ate an yoguhrt, had dinner, went to bed”.

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