Updated Interface lists

I’ve generated a new database for my interface listing webapp so you can now see the current state of the 1.9.1b3pre and 1.9.2a1pre platforms. So for all you extension developers getting ready for the Firefox 3.1b3 release maybe you want to see what has changed since 3.1b2? Or since 3.0?

There are still more things I want to do with this web-app, but right now my time is being spent elsewhere so for now I’ll just keep it up to date with the beta releases. Once 3.1 final is released I’ll likely remove all the beta versions since they probably won’t be necessary then.

I have for the time being had to disable caching in the application, it was eating up literally gigabytes of disk space on my web server and not giving all that much of a speed-up.

2 thoughts on “Updated Interface lists”

  1. Dave, just a minor issue I noticed – could you use case-insensitive sorting? Just so nsIDocShell is listed before nsIDOMWindow.

    Anyway, thanks, looking through the list of changes right now. Too bad that annotating all methods with “added in Gecko 1.9.0a4, last changed in Gecko 1.9.1b2” would be too difficult.

    1. Wladimir, I can change the sorting as soon as I get a spare moment. As to the other, well technically it isn’t all that difficult, however I don’t really want to get into keeping all the alpha and beta releases in the database I think, but it’s certainly possible to make that sort of assertion about the final release versions and most recent betas.

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