XULRunner 1.9.1b3 builds, get them while they’re hot

In the process of switching from CVS to Mercurial (and behind the scenes Tinderbox to Buildbot), quite a lot of Mozilla’s build and release systems have had to be updated. Sadly one of the casualties that has yet to be resuscitated are nightly builds of XULRunner on the 1.9.1 branch and trunk. Catlee is now doing some excellent work to get these up and running, but until that gets going here are some semi-official builds using the code matching Firefox 3.1b3. I say semi-official, they were built on regular build slaves using the standard configuration, but just done by hand. I also haven’t tested all of them yet so let me know if you hit any issues, they might be good indicators of issues we’ll see with the nightlies.

2 thoughts on “XULRunner 1.9.1b3 builds, get them while they’re hot”

  1. Would you happen to have a universal Mac OS X SDK by any chance? Weave requires a universal SDK to build on Mac OS X, and the Weave developers have been using this script to build their own universal SDKs, but those come out partially broken, in that you can build Weave with them, but you can’t use their executable to run XULRunner applications (in fact xulrunner-bin –version doesn’t even work).

    And since Weave’s test harness uses XULRunner to run tests, that means that you have to have a second copy of the XULRunner executable on your system to both build and test Weave: the universal SDK to build it, and some XULRunner executable to run tests. It’s not sufficient to just have the SDK.

    That’s not a huge burden, since Firefox 3 works fine as a XULRunner executable, but it’s a bit worrisome that the SDK is broken in this way, since it might mean other things are broken that we don’t know about yet. And in any case it’d be better to be able to tell folks, “to build and test Weave, just install the XULRunner SDK”.

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