Third-party add-on notification progress, the lite edition

This week has been the Firefox work week where almost all of the team, including me, made our way to Mountain View. This pretty much means that you spend the entire week in meetings since when you’re remote it can be hard to keep in sync on everything. Of course this means that the amount of coding is pretty low for the week so there isn’t a great deal of progress to report here.


This week, Alex and I met to come up with a rough design for what this is going to look like now that we know that the doorhanger notifications we were hoping for aren’t going to make Firefox 3.6.

Whiteboard mockup
Whiteboard mockup

Next steps

  • Implement the planned design

3 thoughts on “Third-party add-on notification progress, the lite edition”

  1. Overall I think the content area messages work best since we get more space to explain what happened, and isn’t as ephemeral and transient as a doorhanger notification. So even in later releases where the doorhanger API is ready I think we will want to keep these content area messages.

    Also, I guess I could have used a better example on the white board (there isn’t any subtext, I just choose that one since I think nearly every Firefox user on windows picked up the .net plugin, so it was meant as a common third party example).

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