Mossop Status Update: 2010-07-02


  • Landed the new notifications for add-ons installs
  • Triaged blockers for beta2
  • Fixed a large stack of blockers including all the known DB schema changes
  • Worked on a nice demo for the new add-ons manager's capabilities
  • Finished reviewing the component registration bits


  • Write some blog posts ready for the beta release
  • Fix some issues that Unfocused needs for his update work
  • Look into some of the intermittent timeouts that are happening in tests

One thought on “Mossop Status Update: 2010-07-02”

  1. Excellent news. After getting Fx4b1, I ran it on my test Minefield profile, and of course things didn’t look right.

    So, I went to create a new profile, but extensions that I know will work I cannot install – not without NTT.

    Good to know you’re still at it. Keep up the great work!

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