Mossop Status Update: 2010-07-30


  • Down to 2 blocking nominations in Toolkit
  • Completed beta3 patches, just awaiting review for one of them
  • Got review queue down to 2 patches
  • Produced a troubling graph of add-ons manager blockers:
  • Added support for installing up to 30 personas at a time
  • Work on the new details pane layout
  • Have patches in hand for 4 more blockers and patches in progress for about 10 others


  • Recovering from dental surgery
  • Get the new details pane ready for review
  • Get the new appearance pane ready for review
  • Look into whether I should just do all the styling while I'm already on the details pane


  • Need to talk with sdwilsh about download manager integration

2 thoughts on “Mossop Status Update: 2010-07-30”

  1. Hello Guys,

    what about Postbox? Till now your program does not work with Postbox, will it works next update?

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