Mossop Status Update: 2011-03-04


  • Solved some of the test failures with the patches from bug 635844
  • Closed down some old intermittent failures that don't seem to be happening anymore
  • Potential fixes in hand for 4 other intermittent test failures
  • Investigated a few potential blockers, bug 638292, bug 636884 and bug 638847


Nothing fixed, mainly scoping out projects for Firefox 5 and beyond

One thought on “Mossop Status Update: 2011-03-04”

  1. Really sorry to bother you, but I couldn’t see any way to leave a comment on the Nightly Tester Tools page.

    Should they work with FF 3.6.15 public release?
    I am seeing some effects such as the build number in the title bar but the Extension compatibility fixing has stopped sudenly (I assume after an update to FF that I missed (it’s a family PC).

    It’s only when it stops that you realise just how much I depend on your add-on to keep FF working how I want it to! Please advise or update if you can.

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