I made a thing to help with GPS in Lightroom

Yep, this post is totally not Mozilla related so I’ll keep it short, but a lot of people in Mozilla do take great photos and maybe they are stuck in my position: No actual GPS device and an compulsion to try to correctly GPS tag their vast collection. I put it off for a long while but finally this weekend wrote a Lightroom plugin to help ease a lot of the manual labour. Go check it out if you’re interested. It’s even on github!

3 thoughts on “I made a thing to help with GPS in Lightroom”

    1. The page I linked to has more details, I kept it brief here to avoid spamming planet in these crazy times. But it certainly is useful for Lightroom 4, in fact that is the only version it works in. Lightroom 4’s support for editing GPS data in photos is fairly basic, good for the odd photo here and there, bad if you have a lot of photos. The plugin simplifies a lot of the manual labour you’d have to do in Lightroom 4.

      1. Thanks Dave. I missed that link. So it would be helpful for someone who hasn’t tracked the coordinates via an external GPS device. LR4 should be able to update all selected photos given an GPX file.

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