Back home

Finally back home after my two weeks in North America. Both Toronto and Mountain View included fun and disappointment. Traveling to these places is generally awesome but somehow I always manage to generate some form of drama for myself, and really living out of hotels and restaurants gets old pretty fast. I’m not much of a cook but I am looking forward to sitting down with a homemade meal this evening, well maybe tomorrow with the jetlag.

Right now I’m feeling even worse than normal for jetlag. I’m following my normal routine, I went to sleep at 6pm yesterday and got up at 2am today. Normally this sees me about right and I can slowly shift myself by a few hours a day till I get onto UK time somewhere around Wednesday. Right now though I am feeling shattered. I have a suspicion that even if I don’t fall asleep during the Grand Prix I’ll end up passing out shortly afterwards. This probably means I will be even more cranky than normal this week, sorry about that.

I guess it’s not much of a secret that I am planning on moving to either Toronto or Mountain View, but even after visiting both I am having real trouble figuring out which. Both have great people there and seem to be in good areas. I like Toronto because even though it is a city it does not feel very cramped and getting around seems easy. I like Mountain View because it isn’t a city at all, yet San Francisco is right there if I need one.

More personal

I guess I’ve always disliked the idea of putting my personal thoughts onto my blog. I figure that no-one really cares much about what I’m thinking.

Despite this I’m going to start to post some more personal stuff here. I’ve come to realise that I am frequently bored and just looking for something to say. I usually just fire off a random email to one of my close friends, mostly not really saying anything just general rambling. I think I’ll make their lives easier by just posting here instead, then if they want to get back to me they can, or not without me being too bothered by it.

You can use the personal category link below to see just the personal stuff and get a feed for it.