Muppet Parade

Yes I am shamelessly adding new posts in an attempt to make the front page look something other than sparse, well sort of…

Anyone who read my homepage for about the past year will remember some idiot sending me a pointlessly rude email. Well coincidentally it happened again so I thought I’d share this one as well. Now remember that (due to my shameless neglect to do anything about it) when people fill in the contact form on my site, I have absolutely no clue where they are coming from or quite often what they are talking about:

From: beeotch

Comments: wtf is ur problem. put what the extension dus u sonofabitch

Oh I so enjoy some of the messages people send me.

No seriously most of the people that contact me are great, a couple though really need to remember that I write these things in my spare time and don’t charge a bean for them. As you should remember for the majority of extension authors.

First Post!

Well here we are, the first post of what I'm trying my best not to call a blog, since I secretly snigger at my friends who have blogs.

For those of you new to this site, welcome, for those returning, check out the spiffy new look, ain't it thousands of times better than it was! There's still a bit of work to do, improving the information on my extensions and such but my website has always been a bit of a work in progress.

So I should say that this won't be much of an interesting blog unless you are particularly interested in Mozilla related stuff. I don't intend to write about my personal feelings (apparently I have them) and I'll be keeping rants about news/stuff to a minimum.

Displaying posts by tag and getting feeds for tags is in the pipeline, so hang tight and I'll post here when that sort of gubbins is done.