This is a list of features in Nightly Tester Tools. Since the extension is designed for multiple applications some features will not be available in all apps. The primary application I develop for is Firefox so everything should be there, where a feature isn’t in an app then I’ll try to note it here but if you think not mentioned something then please let me know.

Extension compatibility

NTT provides useful tools for testers trying to use extensions that claim to be incompatible with the nightly builds.

  • Mark a disabled extension as compatible with the current build
  • Get easy access to the setting to automatically allow all incompatible extensions

Titlebar display

NTT can modify the titlebar to show almost any information about the build you are running. By default it displays the current build ID but it can be customised to display the profile you are using, the application version, the locale, the list is quite extensive.

Build ID

When you’re testing a build, one of the key pieces of information that lets you find regression range and compare bugs with other testers is the application’s build ID. NTT provides the following options:

  • Copy build ID to clipboard
  • Enter build ID into the current textbox
  • Add a toolbar button for copying the build ID to the current textbox


NTT has the functionality to take a screenshot of any window open in the application.

  • Take screenshot on timer
  • Crop screenshot to only show the area you need
  • Save as jpeg or png
  • Upload direct to Imageshack

Session Restore

Ever had a session crash Firefox but you couldn’t restore it because one of the tabs is a definite crasher. This new feature allows you to start without restoring your session then pop up a list of the previous session and choose which tabs to restore. Currently under development and if you have any suggestions for the UI then please contact me.


Every nightly tester knows that nightly build crash. Breakpad is essential for analysing those crashes and identifying whether bugs are already filed or need to be.

  • Displays recent incidents in quick to access menu
  • Displays all incidents in a sidebar

Leak Reporter

The leak guage script is built into NTT. Simply open the leak reporter and tell it where to find your leak log file and you get a full display of leak information.

  • Toggle what kinds of leaks to display
  • Highlights leaking objects as they are used