Who? What?

So I guess if you’re going to look over my site, install my extensions etc. you deserve to be able to find out who I am.

I am Dave Townsend, though if you’ve seen me online on forums, IRC etc. then you’ll probably know me better as Mossop. Don’t ask, it’s an old nickname I got in college and it’s kinda stuck with me since.

As a bit of background, I come from the UK, did an Electrical Engineering with Computing Science degree at university in Swansea and have been trying to make a living since.

I was previously joint director of a company called Blueprint IT. I’ll leave you to visit our wonderful website to find out the full details on that, but suffice to say that my main day job involved managing the company, IT support and website development, in particular evolving the backend of a content management system, which is currently being used in somewhere around 25 websites.

Since May 2007 I have been working for the Mozilla Corporation officially on the Firefox team, though my work is currently focused on an area of the back-end code that is shared across multiple applications (Thunderbird, Seamonkey, Sunbird, Nvu, Songbird to name a few). I’ve actually been putting in volunteer time with Mozilla for a few years now so the transition of what I did in my spare time to be what I do to earn money is quite a nice one.

Well that’s enough of me for the time being I think, I’m sure most people won’t bother to read down this far. If you really want more on my background then feel free to check out my resume.