Toolbar Thinger

The extensions listed here are no longer supported, these pages are just maintained for historical reasons!

This is the extension for those that are finding the bookmark and search options on the toolbar a little limited. With this installed you can add as many search bars as you like. As many bookmark folders as you like. You can even add individual bookmarks wherever you like on your toolbars.

Once installed, just go to View – Toolbars – Customize and drag any of the four items beneath the normal list onto your toolbars. When you drop one a set of options may be displayed to configure that particular item.

You can add each item as many times as you like, just keep going till you run out of space!

Whenever the customize dialog is displayed many of your added items have an extra button next to them that when clicked will display the item’s options.

If you drag the items away from the toolbars you will be give the option to either delete the item, or keep it in the toolbar palette, retaining any options you have already set on the item.

You get to add any of four different types of items:

  • Bookmark links – Add a single bookmark wherever you like onto your toolbars. Including livemarks and folders which expand as you would expect.
  • Bookmark toolbars – Choose any bookmark folder and get it displayed just like the regular bookmarks toolbar.
  • Search bars – Just like the standard search bar. Put it wherever you like and choose the search engine you want to use with it. Supports all the standard features like search suggestions and history.
  • Script items – For the more adventurous, lets you add a button onto the toolbar and write some custom javascript to run when the button is clicked. The code runs with full chrome privileges.

Available features:

The Toolbar Thinger is currently under active development and as such certain features of the standard bookmark toolbars/menus are not yet fully working in the additional items you can add with this extension. The following lists the features which I currently believe are working.

Due to the new bookmarks code about to land in current nightlies, the bookmarks aspect of this extension may not behave so well in Minefield builds.

The following table shows the current state of features in different versions of Firefox.

Feature Firefox 1.5.0.x Firefox 2
Bookmark toolbars Yes Yes
Overflow menu Yes Yes
Context menu No No
Drag and drop No No
Bookmark links Yes Yes
Context menu No No
Drag and drop No No
Search bars No Yes
Script items Yes Yes

Unfortunately I am no longer planning on updating my extensions. Short of some kind of critical security issue it is unlikely this extension will receive any updates in the future.

125 thoughts on “Toolbar Thinger”

  1. Hi,
    Toolbar Thinger is a great application ! But it doesn’t work with All-in-One Sidebar’s Extension on my Windows XP 🙁

    Thanks for your works and Good Luck !

  2. Same problem here. Firefox on Windows XP. Been waiting a long time for the functionality in this extension, but unfortunately firefox won’t even start with it installed. Maybe it’s a compatibility thing? Other extensions I have include: all in one sidebar, tab mix plus, greasemonkey, forecastfox, web developer, firebug, sage, quicknote, showcase, image zoom, searchbar autosizer, searchwp, searchbox sync, translate, View Rendered Source, Fetch Text URL, search status, uppity, conquery, ie view, Ook video ook, autofill, nuke anything enhanced, save text area, clear cache button, triple select, adblock plus.

  3. This is exactly what I wanted Thinger owns !

    (if you were having problems restarting Firefox afterwards try uninstalling All In One Toolbar, this is far more use imho anyway)

  4. It’s great! The thing I was looking for. Only feature I’d be happy to see in future is changing bookmark order using drag&drop.

  5. Thinger is great and worked for me under Windows. I loved it.

    Now that I try it under Ubunty Edgy it doesn’t seem to work for some reason. First indicator is that I have to restart FF twice after installing Thinger. After that Thinger shows as an installed plugin but I don’t get the extra items in the toolbar customization dialog. Any ideas?

  6. I love your thinger! It is one of the most useful extensions I have because I like to have several bookmark bars. Are there going to be any updates beyond 1.0b2?

  7. Hey. Thanks for not completely abandoning the additional bookmarks toolbar idea. I’d kept your old extension (for just the bookmark toolbar, i believe it was your) and even updated the install file so that it would work with FF2.0 when that appeared.

    This extension appears to be identical in feature… I’d hoped for one particular improvement: Can you make it so that bookmarks on new toolbars can be dragged to different spots on the toolbar and/or to the default bookmark bar?

    Thanks, rock on.

  8. Extension works great except for favicons set on the bookmark links disappear whenever Firefox is started up. I have to go and bring up the customize toolbar window and close it for the icons to re-appear.

  9. I love this extension for the ability to add bookmark toolbars. My only problem is that like Bob, my favicons disappear and any folders I have on the tool bar use just a page favicon. If I click on the icon in the bar, it opens every bookmark in that folder, which is not what I need to be doing since some of my bookmark folders on that bar have anywhere from 10-50 bookmarked pages in them. I can’t use the drop down menu for a folder to see the links contained in it until I customize the toolbar. After I go to customize toolbar, it works perfectly with each folder having the drop down menu on click.

    The below suggestion for the fix of a corrupt localstore.rdf would probably work great IF I did not have multiple other toolbars that I am not having problems with and do not want to reset. My regular bookmarks toolbar is fine. My changes made to my menus toolbar, my nav bar and my other personal toolbar I made are fine. I hate resetting them for one thing that does not work. Is there a way to make any created bookmark bars work correctly without resorting to deleting the corrupt localstore.rdf?

  10. When I try to add a toolbar the folder I chose simply is appended to the end of the existing bookmark toolbar. How to I add another toolbar below the one that is there?

  11. Hey, nice tool!

    But, if I add a second bookmark toolbar under the default/existing one it won’t show up. (If I put the new (second) bookmark toolbar above the default one, it will show up, but the default one won’t.)
    So I can’t display _two_ bookmark toolbar…some other users complained about the same so it might be a bug…Please help out! Thanks & Greets from CH

  12. I’m having the same problem as Bob and Wayney with the bookmark toolbar. Deleting localstore.rdf does not solve the problem. This would be a great addon if it worked

  13. Hi

    I LOVE this plugin, its my all time favorite. Ive just upgraded ubuntu (my OS) and it comes with firefox 3 beta4, is there any chance for a new compatible version anytime?

    thx alot for your hard work


  14. I can’t get it to work (at all) can anyone give me a nudge in the right direction? The options button for the addon is disabled!!!

  15. Great extension again (I’m really fan of TabSidebar…) ! The multiple search bar is good.
    Thanks a lot.

    @Fred : once installed just “right-click somewhere on your chrome” and choose “customize”. Then Drag and Drop any item you want from the bottom of the customization window… No need to get some option for this one.

  16. Every time I reopen Firefox, the favicons on my toolbar disappear. They come back on visiting the ‘site, but this is _really_ annoying. ): I tried downloading the Favicon Picker in hopes that that might keep them from disappearing, but no dice. The icons show up all the time in my bookmark folder, so I really don’t understand why they won’t stay present on the toolbar?

    I don’t have any of the “delete my cache” options checked — I made sure. Anybody have any suggestions?

  17. Addition: This is just if I have the bookmark button on a toolbar other than the actual Bookmarks toolbar, which is the whole reason I have this extension installed. The icons show up just fine on the normal Bookmarks toolbar.

  18. Oh, geez, and now I fix it. If you move the bookmark toolbar itself to be on another toolbar, the favicons will load like they’re supposed to. Sorry for being obnoxious.

  19. thanks for this great addon, i now have a seperate search toolbar having 8 diff searches. There are a few issues i ll like to point out.
    Many of the firefox themes dont fit the search toolbar i.e few search bars are hidden out of the 8 & i can only see 5 or 6 searchbars.
    Whenevr i try & clear history of firefox, these search bars dont clear their history while the main search bar does.I hope these will be fixed in the next version.

  20. Too bad, the thinger search box can’t open dragged items in a new tab. SIGH. This is one big letdown for me.

  21. How do I fix this issue about showing icons for a site instead of a default star when i make a bookmark on my toolbar? I have 13 Bookmarks and only 2 show the icon for there site. I know the others have one. Since it shows a default star, I have to waste more space on my toolbar and have also the name next to it, so I know what stars I have….lol
    Any help would be appreciated 🙂

  22. I am still having the issue described on Feb 26. It would be nice if there were a fix for it. Has anyone found one? It’s enough to annoy me, and I generally keep the toolbar I made hidden because it doesn’t display correctly. And it is a pain to have to Customize Toolbar every time I want to use my personalized toolbar. Thankfully, all I have to do is open the customize window and then close it but still a pain. But, it’s not quite enough to make me want to toss this extension. It’s so very useful when it works well.

    If it helps:
    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/20080404 Firefox/ ImageShackToolbar/4.4.3 – Build ID: 2008040413

    My extensions can be found here
    Some of them were not even installed when I installed Thinger so some I know are not the problem. I could disable all of them I guess and add them back in in small groups but something tells me it’d be the same problem even with a clean profile. Hmmm. I might try that.

  23. Ok, had time today to create a new profile. No extensions installed except for Toolbar Thinger and the default Talkback which was disabled. I even imported my bookmarks from a file I’d made long ago so I had the same folders I use normally. And I created a toolbar, named it, added a new bookmark link and continued to do that until I had the folders I have used on my normal profile. Restarted Firefox and again, only the page icon, not the folder icon. No drop down of what links are in the folder, and clicking the icon opens ALL of those links in that folder in tabs. Big mistake by the way to click there. Anyway, clicking Customize Toolbar and doing nothing else but then clicking ok/done (whichever it is) gets the folders and drop down menus to appear as they should.

    As I said earlier, it’s a pain but not enough to make me ditch the extension. I just hide the toolbar unless needed and then make sure I customize toolbars and then don’t shut Firefox down for as long as I can help it. I’ve got a few more custom toolbars I’d like to make but until this is fixed, I am going to wait. I even wondered if it was because I customized my chrome to be able to customize folder icons. But alas, that’s not it. Hey I like pretty purple folders rather than the boring default ones.

    What info can I give you to better help this problem? My UserAgent/BuildID and extensions are listed below. Is there any other info I can give you? Or anything else I can do keeping in mind I’m pretty limited in knowledge on how things work.

  24. I installed Toolbar Thinger…. I couldnt figure out how to work it…. it also made all of the bookmarks that extended off of the screen not to work any longer….so, I decided to uninstall it….

    I uninstalled the Thinger…. All the bookmarks on my toolbar disappeared…. yes, it went blank…… uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox….. still nothing 🙁

    I reinstalled the Thinger…. the bookmarks reappeared…. but still has the original problem…… 🙁

    Any fixes?????

  25. Michele,
    I had that same problem. I restored default settings in the customize options and then uninstalled tab thinger and my bookmarks are back to normal. I think this would be a great program if it was a little more user friendly. I have seen lots of complaints on the web thus far.

  26. Hi, I use Thinger now for a while and love it, I have 6 search fields below the address bar (Google, Google picture search, two different dictionaries, Wikipedia in 2 languages) and use them every day, so I think if you would ask me for my three most important Firefox extensions the Toolbar Thinger would be one of them 🙂
    I just wonder now if it will be updated to be compatible with Firefox 3 in time? It didn’t work when I tested the RC2 a few days ago and I just read that the day for the release of the final version has been set now to June 17th what would be in just 5 days. But I am not going to upgrade without my 6 search fields 😉

  27. Hey, I love your addon. But I was wondering when you were planning on releasing a version for Firefox 3.0? Thanks, keep up the good work!

  28. I love this add-on!! Please please please make it compatible with Firefox 3.0!! I just downloaded the upgrade today and I’m thinking about downgrading again specifically for Thinger…

  29. >I just downloaded the upgrade today and I’m thinking about downgrading again specifically for Thinger…
    The same with me. I really need this tool! 🙂 Please, please upgrade it for Firefox 3.

  30. Hey Bro, also a huge fan! I need an update for FF3, It will then
    be a complete product. Thinger is the shiz-nit, the bees knees,
    the cats’ pajamas and all those other great things. The only
    downfall is it’s not compatible for FF3. Hopefully you’ll update!

  31. I’m with the others!
    Pleaaase, update to Firefox 3 😀
    I just discovered it before yesterday, and updated to FF3 yesterday, just to find that the solution to my problems wasn’t compatible! Isn’t that totally unjust?

  32. Hey, love the addon. Please, let us know when/if you will planning on releasing a version for Firefox 3.0? Thanks for any info.

  33. FYI for everyone, I modified Thinger to allow it to install in FF3 and it is not compatible. The screen where you select what bookmarks folder to put in Thinger comes up blank and won’t close. The author will need time to update this.

  34. I really love this extension and hope its gonna be compatible with FF3 soon..
    thinger toolbar > all other toolbars

  35. I was hoping that this would come out in firefox 3. Is there no body else out there who has the know how about how to either port it to 3, or write a new toolbar? It was my favourite and most useful plugin in FF2.

  36. I’m also still missing this extension every day.. I used to have easy access to so many bookmarks..
    I’d love to see this continued, and I’d even donate to see it happen!

  37. One of you enterprising hackers has to take over this project. It’s the only reason I haven’t updated to FF3 on my home computer. Let’s do this already.

  38. Please update it, I know you must be busy but it would be greatly appreciated by many as this is a truly great extension. I am tired of only having one searchbox.

  39. This extension is really useful…I use it with Foxmarks. This way I can sync my bookmarks at home and at work, but have different bookmarks toolbars for home and work. Please update it for FF3. Thanks for the hard work!

  40. I’ve been looking and looking for something that would allow me to have
    more than one Bookmarks Toolbar, as many as I want, and I have FINALLY
    found it!!! But it’s not available for FF 3.x…… Ugh!!!

    The multiline feature just doesn’t do it for me.
    I need different tool bars for different modes of work (and play!)

    Please, please, could I get a version for FF 3?

    And if I could have a way to collapse/expand them, say a small button or some
    other widget, that would be even better!


  41. I Think I have found a work-around in Firefox itself, which may help. Save what ever links you would put in Toolbar Thinger in your bookmarks and put them in an appropriate folder (call it Favourites). In View/Toolbars add Bookmarks Toolbar. Delete all the bookmarks there (which you don’t want – you can delete all, but I left Customize links). Open Bookmarks drop-down menu and drag your “Favourites” folder to this toolbar. And you now have a drop down bookmarks button, called Favourites. The drawback is you now have a separate toolbar row, but this may be better than nothing.

  42. Please update this for Firefox 3. I discovered the plugin just after Firefox 3 had come out and have never had the chance to use it. Apparently, there’s nothing similar out there, so PLEASE give as a FF3 version!

  43. hm Developer on Holidays ? -.-
    Taaaalllkk to usss X) or ehm no no – update Thinger to FF V3
    eh hmm.. until tomorrow ? =)
    …… pleaasssee =/ .. and then – then talk to us ..
    or tell us what is your problem ?
    but pleassse talk to usss !!!

  44. I’m from those ‘lucky’ ones that finally found out this extension only after 3.0.1 aswell 🙁
    eek, Murphy’s laws at work.

  45. i sucessfully use the thinger extension with firefox 3.0.1, but i can only get the various search bars to work, not the other features. anyway that´s all i want.

    here´s how to do it: open toolbar_thinger-1.0-fx.xpi with a zip file program. because it´s really a zip file. then, open install.rdf with a text editor like notepad. then, change the maxversion to this: 3.0.1

    then just recompress that file inside the toolbar_thinger-1.0-fx.xpi file and that´s it, you´ve fooled the program into thinking it´s compatible, and it is. at least the search bars are.

    thanks to the author for this essencial extension. i hope someone, even mozilla, develops multiple search bars features in firefox, i think it´s absolutely vital. i hope i explained clearly how to install thinger in firefox 3.0.

  46. Pingo Mister, i followed your steps but amended it to 3.0.3. I can’t add any extra toolbars or do anything different after installing it. Can you confirm if it works with 3.0.3, I’m not sure if i’ve missed anything.

  47. I haven’t updated to 3.0.3 yet, but a notification window tells me that if I do update, Thinger will have to be deactivated because it’s incompatible.
    This is so f-ed up. Finally I’ve gotten to work those awesome extra search bars in Firefox 3, and now I can’t update it or I’ll lose Thinger again. Aaaaaahhhhhh

  48. Hi!

    I am having 3 toolbars, created with Thinger (latest version).

    Problem: they are all shown all the time, which I don’t want. I want them to be show according to the setting in the View/Toolbars-menu of Firefox ( To be precise: If i deselect one of the toolbars, it is not visible – but as soon as i restart Firfefox it is visible again. Isn’t it supposed to remember my setting?

    Is that a Thinger or a Firefox problem? How can I solve that? Would be really cool if someone could help me.


    PS: Otherwise: Great tool! 🙂

  49. It´s compatible with firefox 3.0.5, i´m using it right now. Just use the workaround that i´ve described, and the search bars feature will work. Let´s hope that this continues to work with future versions of firefox. I wish that the author or mozilla would do something about it, since this is, as i said before, an absolutely essencial extension for firefox, which provides a feature that should be part of the program in the first place. Multiple search bars is something so simple and it should come integrated with firefox.

  50. I’ve installed Toolbar Thinger on FF 3.0.5 with the workarounds pingo.mister described but I don’t know how to add more search bars. If I go to customize as described in the instructions there are no search bars I can drag to FF. Anyone who knows how to add more search bars to FF 3.0.5?

  51. hello,
    how can i adjust the thinger to open a new tab when i search for something?
    it always uses the actual tab for searching
    i hope you understand my bad english 😉

  52. hei alex,
    just do this: type about:config in the adress bar, and look for
    just change the value to true. that should work.

  53. one can help me if I created a new bar and have a 2 nd bookmark toolbar, then a window comes to the folder. However, there is nothing in it for me, but everything is white.
    has a one tipp for me?

  54. This is an absolutely critical program and it doesn’t function in Firefox 3. I cannot believe that I cannot simply create a new toolbar in firefox and put bookmark links on it.
    I sync my bookmarks between home and work but obviously I would like a different set of “bookmark toolbar” links between the two computers. Work needs WORK buttons and home uses HOME buttons. Thingee made this possible and now it doesn’t work.
    Is there some other program which provides this functionality? Some workaround in Firefox? What’s up???

  55. Awesome plugin! There’s nothing else like this, so I’d like to give something back.

    If anyone wants to adjust the size of the search bars they add, put this in your userChrome.css file. This will set a minimum width and allow it to expand if your window does.

    .thinger-item {
    min-width: 150px !important;

  56. Laurentiu, I have installed the such extension, but multirow toolbar of ONE bookmark folder, and MANY different tollbars with [b]different[/b] folders are the comletely different thing. In additional, there is buttons with “system”-level bookmarklets.

  57. I have been using this extension for a while now with Fx3, and here are a few things I have found that could be helpful. By the way, I don’t know much about computers so maybe there are easier ways to do what is below but it has worked perfectly for me.


    – Follow what pingo.mister wrote below and you will be able to get as many search boxes as you would like (thanks man!).
    – I am using the All-in-One Sidebar Fx add-on version 0.7.6. It works well with Thinger. However, my search boxes were really messed up when I updated AiOS to versions higher than 0.7.6 so I suggest not doing it!
    – You can modify your userChrome.css to affect the search boxes (for example, to adjust the size of the search boxes, see what Andy wrote below on March 12, 2009). You can also use the Fx3 Stylish add-on:
    – To remove the magnifying glasses, use this Stylish extension:
    – To remove the search engine icon and only leave the dropdown arrow, add this to your userChrome.css (don’t forget the period at the beginning of the code):
    .searchbar-engine-image { display: none !important }
    – To remove the dropdown arrow and have the search engine icon do its job, use this Stylish code:

    – As mentioned by pingo.mister, his little trick won’t allow you to get multiple bookmark toolbars (don’t try it, it can get ugly!)
    – The only way I have found to get multiple bookmark toolbars (and it works just perfectly) is to use the Custom Buttons2 add-on ( and to use the Make A Bookmark Button ( That will allow you to have as many toolbars with Bookmarks as you want. One important thing to remember when you read what is below is that you can add as many copies of a given Custom Button as you want.
    – For many reasons (see part 3 for some cool reasons!), including the fact that this allows you to have bookmarks on any toolbar (not just on a bookmark toolbar), using this is way cooler than just having multiple bookmark toolbars!

    – This is just to illustrate some cool stuff that can be done using Thinger and other extensions.
    – I have over 36 search boxes on 12 toolbars, with no magnifying glasses and only the dropdown arrow. Next to each search box, I have a bookmark button that leads to the homepage for that given search engine.
    – If you play around with the code for your bookmark buttons, you will be able to set at least five different web addresses for a given bookmark button (i.e. you can get to different addresses if you left-click, right-click, middle-click, double left, double right click on the button). By the way, this makes these “bookmark toolbars” way more awesome than regular bookmark toolbars!
    – I have set it up so that all these toolbars are hidden when I start Fx3. I have three buttons that I have set so that each button toggles visible/hidden four specific toolbars simultaneously.

    – To do some of what I have described above, use the following:
    To adjust the order in which your different toolbars show up, use this add-on:

    To toggle multiple toolbars at once, use the Toolbar Manipulator custom button:

    To toggle one toolbar at a time, and a different toolbar for the left, middle and right mouse buttons, use the Toolbar-Toggler2 custom button:

    Now here is a neat trick: the three toolbars that are toggled by the Toolbar-Toggler2 custom button are always hidden when you start Fx3. So I have created a dummy toolbar that only contains a series of Toolbar-Toggler2 custom buttons, each linked to three different toolbars. That allows me to have my 12 toolbars hidden when Fx3 starts. And then I use the Toolbar Manipulator custom button to toggle four toolbars at a time. (So this really means that I do not use the Toolbar-Toggler2 custom button to toggle toolbars, but just to hide all the toolbars when Fx starts.) (By the way, if you want to do this, you are going to want to hide that dummy toolbar. To do so, I have installed a Toolbar-Toggler2 custom button on my navigation toolbar. This button is set to toggle the dummy toolbar, which means that the dummy toolbar is always hidden unless I use the button to toggle it. And then just use a blank image for the button, and it’s like this button was never there!)

    Hope this can be helpful to some of you!

  60. Greetings,

    I can tell you’ve put a lot of work into the side bar / tool bar. However, I want to uninstall it and get back my tab bar on the top of my screen. I’ve looked everywhere for an uninstall, but can’t find it. Help?

  61. Hi!

    I just tested Thinger under Firefox 3.5, you can still install it when you tweak the install.rdf like under Firefox 3.0, however there are some more problems now under my 3.5 Firefox.

    After updating from 3.0.11 the six search bars (the reason for what I use and love Thinger) for easy access to Google, Wikipedia, some dictionaries and so on were still there and working, however it seems that I can’t add new search bars anymore 🙁
    So in the end that means that if in the future I should ever make a fresh install of Firefox 3.5 I couldn’t use Thinger for creating new search bars and in order to use it I first would have to install a Firefox 3.0 that I later upgrade to 3.5 or I probably I just keep a profile for this just in case.

    Or does anyone has other experiences or workarounds?

    And is there still no alternative for Thinger? I just can’t believe that no one else ever made an extension to have multiple search bars, is it really that tricky to make?

    Please anyone, make an extension that just allows me to add more search fields to Firefox 🙂

  62. I can confirm that the search bars still work under 3.5.

    I haven’t tried adding any new ones because luckily I already have 10 search bars installed (evenly distributed across two toolbars) and won’t need any more than these. An 11th search bar sits to the right of the web address window, so I’m all set and very happy.

    It is a joke though that there’s no other plugin with this functionality. Being able to enter a search term without having to select a search engine from some stupid dropdown list is soooo comfortable.
    And clicking the small magnifying glass without entering a search term brings me to the website just like a bookmark would. Plain awesomeness, and nobody else thought of providing this.

  63. With firefox 3.5, same experience here, able to install using tweak, as before, maintains the previous search bars but is unable to add new ones. Also, it seems to have a conflict with bookmarks when the search bars are placed in the bookmarks toolbar. Well, it could be worse.

    But PLEASE can someone with programming skills make an adaptation of this plugin, for current versions of Firefox, which allows adding of several different search bars? It´s such a simple feature!

    How come there aren´t more people demanding it? Is this community of “thinger fans” the only group of people in the world intelligent enough to realize the convenience of having multiple search bars instead of drop-down lists?? Seems to be the simplest thing in the world, doesn´t interfere with firefox core or plugins, doesn´t make the browser slow or anything, never crashed. I´ve never seen a conflict of this feature with other features.

    Is there some kind of sacred dogma in having only one search bar? Is it obliged by law? Is it some kind of simplicity principle that´s forced upon all users? I can´t think of other silly explanations!

    PLEASE someone establish this feature for current versions of firefox, or, even better, make it become part of firefox itself, because it seems so simple, and I can´t believe that most firefox users wouldn´t love it.

  64. Firefox 3.5.3 please, anyone?

    the Google toolbar has a search bar thing that you can move around, even out of the google toolbar, then if you hide the toolbar the search bar doesn’t disappear with it, but it’s limited to Google sites, so kind of a drawback, but it’s still an extra search bar.

    I still’d really prefer Thinger for the latest version of Firefox though.

  65. Theres a addon that helps to compensate the reversal of Thinger called ” Second Search”. Right configured its definitly helpful!

  66. “Second Search” is not bad, but I still prefer this above any other solution, it is just so great to have one bar (in my case between the address bar and bookmarks) with just search my favorite engines (Google, dictionaries, Wikipedia…).
    So far it works just fine under 3.5 and it also worked under the 3.6 Beta, but it got a little more complicated since the 3.5 release.

    Here again the instructions for people who like me want to go on using one of the best Firefox extensions under 3.5/3.6 and hopefully further too:

    – First make sure you have a 3.0 Firefox installed (you need this only temporary), get it from here:

    – Now download the extension from here as a file to your computer (right click -> save as)
    – Change the file extension .xpi to .zip (
    – Extract the archive with your favorite packaging software
    – Look for a file called install.rdf ind the archive and open it with a text editor
    – Find this line -> 3.0a3
    – Change this into -> 3.*
    – Now repack the archive again in ZIP format and change the extension back to .xpi (under Windows you may have to change a setting in Explorer to show known extensions to do this)
    – Now you can install this extension into 3.0 and it will still be seen as compatible by 3.5 and 3.6 Beta
    – In 3.0 add as many search fields as you need, you can’t do that under 3.5 anymore (I use six in one bar I added only for search engines)
    – After (!) that upgrade to 3.5, the search fields will still be there and you can change the search engine and add new engines, but you can’t add new search fields anymore, so make sure you added enough for all your favorite engines

    This way I am still very happy with this extension, but I really hope that one day someone will continue the development of this extension or an alternative will come out with the same function…

  67. As i didn’t wanted to downgrade firefox just for sake of adding search control, i grepped a bit arround in profile files where thinger was added as second search engine and compared to one new ff3.5 install, where it wasn’t:

    find line with:

    among tags add:

    Maybe will work for others aswell? 🙂

  68. @Church: Nice finding, this way I can backup and recover my search engine settings and Thinger search fields without having to install FF 3.0 first. However I am not sure how this could help me to avoid having 3.0 FF when I install FF new without having a backup, so new users would still have to install 3.0 first, right?
    And I have six search fields in an own toolbar just for this, in case I would want to add a seventh field, could I edit these files to get this or would I also still have to go back to 3.0 for adding it?

  69. I can confirm that Church’s way works! I didn’t have to downgrade firefox or anything at all. I used a different image but not sure if it matters or not.

    Using 3.5.5 and didn’t have to downgrade to 3.0.

    I only have two search bars right now, but I’ll check later if more can be made.

    1. Can you tell me please how you added the four search boxes? I tried to multiply the boxes with tags in thinger.xml and “…,thinger-xxxxxxxxxxxxx,separator,” in localstore.rdf. But I only get two search boxes. Perhaps I forget something?

      Indeed it would be nice if some enthusiastic developer would update the add-on to FF3.5 and higher – its such a great thing(er)!

  70. nice, another happy multiple search bar user now here.

    i suggested to dave to put the source up on github and the crowd could make it work with 3.5. i guess any one of us could create the repo but i think it’s best if either dave says OK to whoever else or puts the repo up himself.

  71. very nice add-on (thinger) But very frustrating it wont be updated as it does exactly what i was sooo wishing for and spend ages looking to do.. (add extra bookmark toolbars).

    personally the searches etc served me no purpose (for my needs)
    But the option to make more toolbars was priceless.
    I only wish someone would make it work under firefox 3.5 even if its just a way to get the extra toolbars.
    this is definitely a plugin that should have been kept up. since mozilla dont give 2 hoots about extra toolbars.
    If anyone knows how to get the toolbar part at least, to work with ff 3.5.
    feel free to let me know how to do it.

  72. So, what´s new? Anyone got to contact the author about putting the source code online, or something like that?

    Multiple search bars are still working ok here, but I fear problems with upcoming versions of Firefox, specially those that might have major user interface redraws.

    This simple thing should be a part of Firefox itself… I really don´t understand how people can be happy with only one search bar. Everyone uses google, youtube and wikipedia on a regular basis, what do they do? Type and then type the search? Silly waste of time.

    Anyway, let´s keep up the effort to make this feature compatible, thanks everyone.

  73. hi,
    I’m using thinger on ff3.6 RC1… I did it by copying the old version’s profile folder to the new profile folder. Use FEBE… But you cannot change the settings. set it as you wish, then migrate it to the new profile by FEBE.
    thank you for this great addon

  74. When will this be updated? If the original author has given up is there a hack to make it compatible with ff 3.6 and above?

  75. found a way round the compatibility.

    First install an addon called “nightly tester tools”.

    Second install “thinger”.

    third click “override” the the outdated thinger can be installed.

    thats it!

  76. i got firefox 3.6.
    i installed nightly tester tools 2.0.3.
    i installed thinger v1.0 via the download button above. when the message ocurred that the version was to old i clicked “force install”.

    all i got new in the “add symbol” options is the id in textbox thing and two gearwheels which seem not to do anything. … so that doesnt work for me. any more ideas ?

  77. Please update Thinger! I was shocked that there aren’t any updates anymore as I use this addon most often. So please…

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