Add-on Developers, Get the News you Crave

Being an add-on developer can be hard work. So many different places to look for information about releases, new features and changes to the platform. How can you be expected to keep up with all this?

Well starting next week hopefully we’ll be taking a big step in the right direction. Mozilla are launching about:addons, a newsletter dedicated to getting add-on developers all the important information they need. There will be announcements about when to check your add-ons against new releases of applications, new features added to, plans for the future that you can get involved with and early warning of API changes.

So what are you waiting for? Go and sign up to receive the newsletter direct to your inbox. We’ll also be posting each issue to a blog but the email is more convenient in my opinion. You can of course unsubscribe any time you like. The newsletter should be out about once a month or occasionally more often if there is something important to announce.

Why not let me know if there are important kinds of news that we should be including in the newsletter.

6 thoughts on “Add-on Developers, Get the News you Crave”

  1. This is somewhat implicit in your post, but I would just like to be clear about it: will the posts make it to p.m.o?

  2. Yes. At the moment I think the posts will go to Mozilla DevNews same as about:mozilla does, but if that is not the case then wherever they go will get to planet.

  3. Why are you using an external service to manage the mailing list? Fx complains about submitting over an unencrypted connection from a secure site. Also, mozilla has plenty of other mailing list software available…

  4. We are using the same mailing list software that Mozilla uses for the about:mozilla newsletter. The unencrypted warning was an unfortunate issue that we discovered late and hope to have remedied soon.

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