Thanks Canada (no, really)

It’s 6:30am Sunday UK time (though in my weird method of getting over the jet lag that works out as just after lunchtime) and I’ve just got home to Swansea. As many others are I’ve been thinking back over the great times I’ve had over the past two weeks. Needless to say I got out alive, as I believe everyone did (though apparently some are still stranded in Vancouver), despite Canada’s attempts to break us.

After a short visit with my sister trying to avoid getting licked to death by her new puppy I spent a week in Toronto at the Mozilla offices there. Thanks guys for having me, it was a fun week and I’m sorry I brought the Welsh rain over with me. Although I do have a shared office that I work from for most of the week I forget how good it is to actually be in a place where others are working on the same stuff. Maybe I’ll give in to Beltzner and move out there.

The summit was nothing short of amazing. So much larger than the last one and so much more enjoyable for it. As with all of these events I never got chance to do the things I had planned on and missed meeting many of those I wanted to, but met others I had never known and did more interesting things anyway. Dan and the rest of the organising team should be seriously proud with how the event went and how they coped with the upsets.

I think the Add-ons Management session I ran on Tuesday went pretty well all things considered. I have never really done interactive sessions before and combined with the hangover I was sporting I was a little nervous about it. Thankfully you can always rely on the Mozilla community to be talkative so in the end we actually ran out of time to talk over some of the ideas for the future of the Add-ons manager. Hopefully those there found it useful, I know I will take a lot from being able to get feedback and suggestions on my plans.

I guess the only minor disappointment (which is always the case since it would be impossible to avoid) is that there were many sessions I wanted to attend but conflicted with others. I hope there are some notes around for some of them so I can skim over what I missed.

Somehow I managed to find the journey home easier than normal. I suspect it helps that there were so many of us at the airport and I did the journey in a couple of stages to avoid the drive home immediately after getting off a plane which always turns into a dangerous race between traffic and my body trying to fall asleep.

I forgot how cool it is to drive down the motorways at 4am in the pitch black with nothing but good music and your thoughts to enjoy. Now, if only there were some shops open so I could actually get some lunch and a decent cup of English tea…