Don't miss an exciting opportunity to shape the future of Firefox 4!

You might have heard of this web-browser. It’s called Firefox. You may have also heard that a new version is due out soon. As my part in its development I have helped completely reshape the way the add-ons manager looks. The good news is that the large bits of the changes are pretty much done, pretty much all that is left is a bunch of UI tweaks and some small behaviour changes.

This is where you come in. Yes you, the one reading this post. If you have an urge to help out you can look through this list of things we want to get done on the add-ons manager before release, pick one out and go nuts. These are all things that shouldn’t require very much experience working on the add-ons manager or even Firefox in general, though of course some are easier than others. We have some great information about how to get started and also a great community who can help out if you get stuck. So if you’ve ever had a hankering to get involved this would be a great time to dive in.

Give me or Blair a shout if you have questions or don’t know where to get started.